We have implemented our tool for the Migrants and Refugees area at the Vatican

Together with La Machi Communication for Good Causes, through its Co-Innovation Lab area at the project management role, we implemented the use of Uanaknow for the open innovation and discussion of the causes related to human trafficking.

For the first time in the Vatican, within the framework of the Pastoral Orientations event of the Migrants and Refugees area, which gathered around 200 experts from more than 15 nationalities, we have established a milestone in the fight against human trafficking.

Leaders from all over the world specialized in the field have participated in a 3-day intensive debate and joint creation meeting with the aim of finding concrete solutions to this problem. The platform allowed, on the one hand, to dump ideas into different categories and encourage user participation through comments and votes, and on the other, systematize the data and transform it into information for decision making.

This way the participants of the initial event, divided in different tables, were discussing and uploading their proposals to the platform for later analysis. At the end of the sessions, separated by themes, a set of 694 proposals were generated that remained hosted on the platform and under feasibility analysis for their selection and subsequent execution.

Teams were organized by tables to work on the co-creation of ideas.
We participated in the closing activity with Pope Francis.
Preview of the implemented platform for Migrants and Refugees.
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