Technology at the service of communities

Going to Mendoza is always good news. But to be invited to share our vision of participation and open innovation is a joy.

We always say that Uanaknow was born from the inspiration of seeing in people the potential of getting involved to collaborate and improve their reality. And that was what we found in Mendoza: a space for professionals related to communication and political consulting in search of finding best practices for the development of better communities.

If we had to choose three findings from our experience there, we could summarize them in:

  1. The potential of people to get involved, collaborate and improve their reality is real, even in adverse contexts. What we seek to do with Athens is: a) Moderate Communities; b) Systematize and process their contributions and c) That this information helps to make better decisions.
  2. It is fundamental to ponder how much time is spent today by decision makers to understand the real demands of people and find ways so that this information is not solely in the hands of social networks or other isolated instances.
  3. Building a win-win relationship is as necessary as it is efficient. Listening first-hand to what matters to neighbors, collaborators or consumers and generating a direct communication channel is key both for the decision-making of the organizations and for the user to find a sense of belonging and feel part of it. the solution.

As if that were not enough, Mendoza was also our opportunity to share our mission to extend the scope of open innovation and citizen participation, launching a national implementation plan. Thank you ASACOP for inviting us to be part of your 4th annual conference!

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